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2020: A New Year

28th January 2020

Hurtling towards the end of January already gave me pause to reflect on where I am with my photography journey, and where I'm heading.

I've been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a while now, and so while I'm a little bit late for a 'New Year, New Me' -esque Blog launch, here's where we find ourselves!

This first post therefore is just to introduce myself, say hi, put a bit more of 'me' out there. Sometimes maintaining a professional image online means everything can get a bit clinical. I've never been one for cluttered branding, or having so much stuff all over a page that you get a bit lost - so lots of the time my website or social media outlets can seem a bit impersonal. While I do like the idea of letting work speak for itself, I have also grown, over the last few years, to want more and more to reach out to fellow creatives and foster more discussion than the traditional outlets often allow.

So - I'm planning to do some quick blogs whenever I shoot, some of the lighting details, styling ideas and inspiration, how I plan for shoots and arrange thing; some of my gel work, makeup work, post processing and so on. If there's anything else you'd be interested in seeing, just let me know! Otherwise in the meantime, I hope you enjoy.



  • Rose Fulford

    on January 28, 2020

    Just testing out commenting :P

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