Deciding between different types of backdrops was something I found a little difficult when first starting doing photography more seriously. I used to take my photographs against a plain wall in my rented house - which, while fine, didn't allow too much creativity. 

To start experimenting with colour, texture, and 'feel', without delving into composition work in post-production, different backdrops were the easiest way for me to change up my game in terms of the surroundings I placed my models in.

This video I hope talks through some of the options available out there, and gives you a little bit of an overview into my thought process a least on the pros and cons of the different choices!

I hope this is informative and useful if you're looking for your first backdrop, or just your most recent one. Backdrops featured in this video can be found at the following links, and of course if you have any questions, please never hesitate to drop me an email or hit me up on social media!

'Til next time! El

Paper: Creativity Backgrounds

Canvas: Artery | Clot Studio

Pop up: Interfit

Fabric: Kate Backdrop

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